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How to Play Electric man Game on Android Mobile

Electric man is an online fighting game. It is a very fun and interesting game to play. People who like fighting game will definitely like this game. It is a fighting game where you have to fight with your opponent and kill him to win the game. This game is very simple to play. The main aim of the game is to enter your opponent arena and try to knock your enemy form arena. For this, various weapons are available to use. To play this game no need to download it into your PC. Simple open and play the game online. To play Electric man game on android you have to use some of the apps to play. Here in this article, we are explaining to you about how to play Electric man on android mobile. Electric man unblocked games tips and tricks is the game which can be played anywhere. On android mobile also you can play the game Electric man. For this, there were two simple ways are available

  • SWF Apps
  • Electric man Android app

SWF Apps: 

It is one of the easy ways to play the Electric man game on android mobile. For this, follow the steps which we have given below.

1. Various swf apps are available in the play store to download.
2. Select the best swf app which you like in the play store.
3. Download the swf app into your mobile.
4. Install the downloaded swf app into your android mobile.
5. Then download Electric man swf app into your mobile.
6. Open the swf app and select the Electric man app to play the game.

Electric man Android app:

It is another way to play the game Electric man on android mobile. For this, you have to follow simple steps to open and play the electric man game. 

  1. Electric man Android app is available in the play store.
  2. Download this app from the play store of your mobile.
  3. Install Electric man Android app into your android mobile.
  4. Simply open and play the game.

How To Play This Game:

Electric man is a fighting game. There are two modes available in the game to play. Select whichever you want to play. Before starting the game you have select your character.

You can customize your character by selecting the colour, name, guns etc. As going on the stages you have to unlock various levels to get more weapons. Apply tips and tricks to attack your enemy. Protect yourself your enemy. Play and win the game.